Since 2004 ThinkMagic has been offering keynote presentations, break-out sessions, interactive icebreakers, group presentation, five-star business development, and networking events for clients across the United States.

Led by co-founders Kostya Kimlatand John Bowman, the goal of ThinkMagic is to educate clients about the role that perception plays within their business, using the psychology techniques a magician employs to guide the perception of their customers.

ThinkMagic utilizes century-old techniques to help clients understand the inner-workings of the human mind and provides specific ideas, tools, and strategies to improve the customer service experience with goal being to turn prospective clients into brand enthusiasts.

ThinkMagic has been contracted by clients from small businesses to large corporations including Siemens, GE Energy, Sysco Foods, Kongsberg Gruppen, Avid Technology, CBL Properties, The Melting Pot, Florida Hospital, Orange County Public Schools, The Volvo Store of Winter Park, Hello-Florida, EGP Copiers, and NADA 20.

Kimlat and Bowman tailor every ThinkMagic experience to be pertinent to the needs of the client. They will meet with the organizer of the event to discuss goals and objectives and will then present a proposal for their services. Clients can choose the length and type of the session based on their individual needs. Rates for ThinkMagic services vary depending on size of group and travel needs as well as length and type of session.

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