T.G.I. Friday’s has returned to Opry Mills in Nashville, Tennessee, with a restaurant look and experience that guests will find hard to recognize from the previous Friday’s destroyed by flooding in the area nearly two years ago.

This new Friday’s features a wide-open kitchen that showcases the making of great-tasting food and a high-energy bar at the center of the restaurant—all brought to life by the best bartenders in the world and a service and culinary team focused on one thing: making every day feel like Friday for guests.

“After the flooding, we were totally committed to coming back to Opry Mills, but this time with a restaurant that would knock people’s socks off,” says Ricky Richardson, chief operating officer, T.G.I. Friday’s.

“We’ve completely redesigned the kitchen so guests can see how we cook their favorite dishes, and the bar is now the centerpiece of the restaurant, radiating the type of energy that hits you and draws you in as soon as you walk in the front door,” he says. “In short, this is not the Friday’s your mother remembers.”

The new bar takes Friday’s long-standing history of providing a fun and engaging bar experience to a whole new level, featuring great drinks and bartenders who orchestrate just the right vibe for their guests.

Also new are the community tables, located across from the bar, that encourage friends to gather and talk, watch a game, or wait for a table as they enjoy Friday’s iconic cocktails, cold craft beers, or the perfect wine paired with flavorful, shareable appetizers.

The Opry Mills Friday’s also unveils a new open kitchen that invites guests to be spectators to the cooking action. Guests can now see their favorite dishes being cooked alongside a host of new creations by a highly experienced culinary team.

The new kitchen features an open-flame hearth oven that introduces some exciting additions to the menu, like handmade pizzas. In addition to providing the best of Friday’s traditional offerings, the new menu boasts fresh, quality ingredients that will satisfy all appetites, from a quick, light meal to the indulgent, celebratory occasion that is at the heart of the Friday’s experience.

The new kitchen also reflects Friday’s commitment to responsible business by being much more resource-efficient, reducing energy, water, and food waste—all while providing that “In here it’s always Friday” experience for Nashville guests.

T.G.I. Friday’s Opry Mills Mall is located at 449 Opry Mills Drive in Nashville.

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