Texas Roadhouse, which operates 355 restaurants in 46 states, has launched a social-marketing enabled coloring app for iPads and iPhones that allows kids and parents to design, paint, save, and share their original TXRH-themed art creations in-store, at home, and across the families' social network.

The coloring app is called Andy's Art Kit, named after the Texas Roadhouse mascot, Andy Armadillo, and is accessible via QR codes printed on kids menus in-store, or searching iTunes for Andy's Art Kit.

Dave Dodson, Communications Director for Texas Roadhouse restaurants, sees the changing habits of moms as the real driver behind the launch.

"Our focus is to create value for moms, kids, and families, in everything we do. We see a coloring app as perfectly relevant, value added fun for moms, and for kids, whether at home or in our restaurants."

Industry data supports this claim. Cisco Systems 2011Visual Networking Index stated that in 2010 global mobile data traffic grew 2.6 fold, nearly tripling for the third year in a row; mobile network connection speeds doubled, and looking forward, global mobile data traffic will increase 26-fold between 2010 and 2015.  

According to the report, Mobile-connected tablets will generate as much traffic in 2015 as the entire global mobile network in 2010. 

"Mobile devices are the new indispensable link to the world", says Ian Macdonald, VP Marketing at Kidzsmart Concepts, the creators of the app.

"A higher percentage of 4 year-old kids can play with an app than can tie their own shoelaces.  Mobile technology is simply native to today's kids".

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