Temporis, a Chicago fine-dining destination opening this fall, welcomed Donald Coen as beverage director, enhancing what will surely be one of the city’s most exciting dining experiences. He brings an impressive background in the wine industry to Temporis, with his role including designing, elevating, and managing the wine pairing program.

Coen's journey in the beverage industry began while working at local restaurants in Ann Arbor. In 2007, he moved to Chicago joining the wine team at Alinea (Chicago), and continued on as Captain within the wine program at Les Nomades (Chicago). It was at Les Nomades where he met Chef Evan Fullerton and Chef Sam Plotnick, Temporis’ co-chefs, and the group embarked on a new journey of their own. Still part of the Les Nomades team, Coen leads the wine program at Temporis, where ten-course prix fixe menus offered to a dining room of 20 each night allow him to craft wine pairings on an intimate, thoughtful level.

Coen places an emphasis on creating a personal, yet professional environment with guests. He loves connecting with diners and providing excellent wine service with an educational component—opening up guests’ eyes to exciting varietals, while also showcasing classic selections paired with courses.

“As much as I love the classics, I do appreciate esoteric varietals that don't receive as much attention as they should,” says Coen. “These gastronomic gems, like wines from the Savoie and Jura regions, are rare and set Temporis’ wine list apart from an average selection.”

Tasting menus at Temporis, priced at $110 per person with an additional $95 for wine pairings, present simple yet refined representation of ingredients and flavors.  Menu standouts include sunflower accompanied by sunchokes and chamomile, rabbit paired with tandoori spice and carrot, lamb served with olives and turnips, and more. With Coen on board helming the wine component, diners look forward to distinguished pairings and à la carte offerings, resulting in an amplified dining experience for all.

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