Kelsey Pitta is used to people staring.  At least since she took over the bakery program for Ted’s Bulletin.  For now, Pitta can be seen making delicious sweets through glassy windows on 14th Street, stopping the idle passerby, and the harried professional alike, with mouthwatering sights and smells. As pastry chef for the restaurant inspired by the 1920’s Pitta creates nostalgic baked goods that take inspiration from American favorites such as pop-tarts.

At the new, spacious 14th Street location, Pitta has added award-winning donuts to the already extensive list of offerings.  Like most of her baked goods, donut varieties change with the seasons. Currently, an apple cider donut dominates the menu, dripped with melted cider glaze, and topped with crispy homemade apple chips and powdered sugar.

The much anticipated Thanksgiving pop-tart returns to the menu for the month of November. For anyone who hasn’t tried it yet, this savory pastry is an entire meal in each bite, stuffed with turkey, cranberries, and savory stuffing, “frosted” with gravy and a sweet potato puree. Other fall treats include pop-tarts filled with creamy pumpkin cheesecake, iced and dusted with pecans as well as a sweet potato casserole pop-tart. Not to worry, Pitta will offer the most popular pop-tart flavors, such as strawberry, brown sugar cinnamon and peanut butter bacon, all year round.

Pumpkin arrives in many forms throughout the season.  This Thanksgiving, leave the dessert to the professionals and pick up one of Pitta’s homemade pumpkin pies; the perfect finale to any home cooked holiday meal. Call the restaurant to commission one of these delicious “better-than-your-grandma’s” pies throughout November.

Originally a student of criminology, Pitta made the switch to culinary school when she realized how appreciative friends and family were of her fresh, homemade desserts.  “I realized that I could bake cookies or cupcakes or brownies for someone and it would put a smile on their face,” says Pitta. “The ideal pastry menu for me is one that comes from the heart.  Classic, well made pastries just brighten your day.”









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