Identifying the spirits, wine, and beer brands that achieved significant volume gains last year and are positioned to continue growing in 2013 and beyond, Technomic is announcing its Fast 50 Brands report. 

The 50 adult beverage brands were identified by analyzing not only volume performance metrics, but also through examining key brand attributes and supplier strategy and support programs contributing to the brand’s success. 

“A double-digit percent gain in 2012 was the first criteria, but we looked at much more than that,” says Donna Hood Crecca, senior director at Technomic. “Our team considered how the brand is connecting with consumers – perhaps with a new flavor or packaging innovation, or by highlighting a great back-story or unique production method – and also how it’s going to market. For a spirits, wine, or beer brand to achieve sustainable growth, it must connect with consumers and the trade in meaningful ways.” 

The 2013 Fast 50 Brands include 23 spirits brands, 14 wine brands, and 13 beer brands. Among the 50 is a group of spirits categorized as the Fierce Five – very small brands that are achieving significant gains and making strides with consumers and the trade. 

The Fast 50 brands range from established brands to newcomers brought to market by small producers such as LeVecke Corp. and Latitude Beverage as well as major suppliers including Diageo and AB InBev. The Fast 50 Brands will be covered in an upcoming issue of The Tasting Panel magazine, and the complete 2013 Fast 50 Brands report is available from Technomic. 

In developing the Fast 50, Technomic identified emerging trends and common themes contributing to the brands’ growth, which are also shaping the adult beverage market, including: 

  • Flavor is a key point of differentiation. From the spiced rums to the sweeter spirits on the list, from blends to sparklers among the wines entries, and from crisp and slightly sweet ciders to an assertive IPA style, most of the Fast 50 brands display a strong flavor attribute.
  • Celebrity involvement, or a brand “celebrity,” provides momentum. Music celebrities, unique spokespeople or media associations allowed some Fast 50 brands to forge consumer connections.
  • Packaging differentiates and grabs consumer attention for several Fast 50 brands, also providing a point of differentiation that can earn it prime shelf space at retail or on the back bar.
  • Production methods matter. Craft brewing and artisan distilling are evident among the Fast 50, as are alternative wine-making processes.

Technomic will continue to track new product introductions and activity via its New Product Tracker housed on its recently launched DRINK (Digital Resource INformation Knowledgebase) platform, the industry’s only online database of volume, sales, and insights. Updated regularly, the New Product Tracker delivers important information on the latest spirits, wine and beer products to hit the market, such as supplier, category, ABV, price point, and more. 

The Technomic Fast 50 Brands report provides performance metrics for the brands, as well as profiles of each brand and analysis of the trends. 

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