Marketing Vitals, the award-winning restaurant intelligence solution and TDn2K’s Black Box Intelligence, the restaurant industry’s leading financial capital analytics firm, have announced a collaborative partnership to increase the understanding, value and influence of big data, as it pertains to the service industry.

“We are proud to partner with TDn2K on the Black Box Intelligence integration that will further educate and enhance restaurants and the customer experience,” says Rom Krupp, CEO of Marketing Vitals.

Through this partnership, marketers and restaurant companies will gain a better understanding of their units’ performance through a more enriched and robust data set. Black Box Intelligence users will gain enhanced automation and new KPIs, and Marketing Vitals’ customers will have the ability to benchmark their sales and traffic performance against their competitive sets across the industry. The two brands’ expanded data collection and analysis capabilities will enhance the data offering of each company and provide more value for TDn2K members and Marketing Vitals’ customers.

“When Marketing Vitals was introduced to us, the comment was made that ‘if Marketing Vitals and TDn2K, as best in class solutions could integrate data, it would be a marketer’s dream.’ We are excited to bring this integration to the best in class companies as a new competitive advantage,” says Wallace Doolin, chairman and founder of TDn2K.

The partnership of Marketing Vitals and Black Box Intelligence will illuminate big data’s influence on ROI for the restaurant and service industry. Through the collaboration and the expanded network it produces, big data and its insights will be brought into full view for the members and customers of both organizations.

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