Tattle, an innovator in the customer experience improvement (CXI) category, announced its partnership and integration with Local Kitchens, the micro food hall offering takeout and delivery from multiple restaurants, allowing customers to mix and match cuisines from different restaurants in a single order.

Tattle is a customer feedback technology platform built with an open-API in order to collect guest feedback and measure satisfaction across all-digital ordering channels, such as dine-in, take-out, delivery, and drive-thru for omni-channel visibility. Using AI, Tattle recommends the most high-impact operational area for improvement across restaurant locations to drive the greatest increase in guest satisfaction.

“In the rapidly evolving restaurant category, disruptive food halls like Local Kitchens face unique challenges relative to the broader restaurant space,” says Alex Beltrani, Tattle Founder and CEO. “Local Kitchens can obtain distinct advantages by using Tattle to elevate the guest experience, recover dissatisfied guests, and extend hospitality beyond the walls of their food halls.”

The core benefits of the integration include:

  • Automated post-transaction survey distribution to guests for optimal engagement
  • Pre-populated survey with transaction data to ensure 90%+ survey completion rate of 50-questions
  • Statistically significant guest feedback volume for reliable identification of high-impact areas for improvement
  • More opportunity for guest recovery methods in order to extend hospitality beyond restaurants walls
  • Automatic marketing outreach for customers with specific customer experience scores
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