From creation to disposal, the Tassimo Professional single cup system offers options for feeling eco-conscious while enjoying a favorite gourmet hot beverage at the touch of a button.

While the demand for convenience and quality drives the increasing popularity of single-serve coffee brewing systems, there is concern about additional waste. Tassimo is and has been committed to manufacturing T-discs in a zero-landfill plant, ethical and environmentally responsible coffee sourcing, creating energy efficient brewers, and offering a nationwide T-disc recycling program for customers.

It all starts with the creation of a T-disc. The first element to consider are the coffee beans served, and Tassimo is proud to offer two Rainforest Alliance-Certified products, Gevalia Breakfast Blend and Gevalia 100 percent Colombian coffee.

When it comes to packaging that delicious coffee, Tassimo Professional T-discs are manufactured at Kraft's Lehigh Valley Plant, which is certified “zero landfill.” This means all waste generated by the Plant is either recycled, reused, or processed as a renewable fuel.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that energy-from-waste plants are a “clean, reliable, renewable source of energy” that “produce electricity with less environmental impact than most any other source of electricity.”

Additionally, the Tassimo Professional T-300 brewer is designed to be more energy efficient.

“Today’s T-300 Brewer can be set to run in ‘Eco-Mode’ during downtime, which reduces energy consumption by 85 percent compared to standby mode,” says Paul Kinter, associate business manager for Tassimo Professional Foodservice. “It’s made a real impact on our business and for our customers.”

When it comes time to dispose of consumed T-discs, Tassimo Professional created the Green-Track program in Jan. 2011 to help customers easily recycle.

The process is simple: customers sign up to purchase a Green-Track collection container, which is sent directly to their business with a return shipping label. Once the customer returns the filled collection container, the waste is recycled.

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