Taskworld, the first project management platform to provide performance analytics and real-time employee feedback, announced the launch of three new features: Interactive Timeline, Project Templates and Tasks in Multiple Projects. Combined, these additions to the platform make it easier for managers to juggle multiple projects and cut overall project times in half.

“Employees and managers are always overseeing multiple tasks, and it’s rare to only have one project happening in an age where professionals are constantly wearing different hats,” says Fred Mouawad, CEO of Taskworld. “Planning can be half of the process when it comes to a new project. We designed Taskworld’s newest features to help busy teams stay organized, adjust deadlines on the fly, and save time when strategizing, so they have more time to get their work done.”

Taking project visualization to the next level, the new Interactive Timeline allows people to see all work in chronological order, including all projects, tasklists and tasks. You can choose to get a glimpse of all projects or zero in on the timeline for specific projects. A timeline legend shows which tasks are overdue or completed, and the interactive features of the timeline allow managers to drag the edges of the task timeline to change its duration, start date or due date.

Project Templates help create flawlessly structured projects and save the headache of figuring out how to organize workflows. Once a new project is assigned, people can log into Taskworld and choose a workflow that best fits the project including:

Weekday Template—Sets up tasklists by Monday through Friday for teams that need a structured look at what needs to be accomplished on a daily basis.

Single Team Template—Sets up tasklists by the name of each team member. Managers can assign tasks underneath each person’s list and manage workloads so that if one person is pulling a heavy load, the manager can drag and drop a task to assign it to another team member.

Departments Template—Creates synergy and alignment in multi-team projects that span multiple departments. This workflow creates a sense of teamwork and collaboration and encourages an open flow of communication, as different departments not only visualize the same goal, but work to accomplish it.

Kanban Template—Sets up just three tasklists: to-do, doing and done. It is a no-fluff, straightforward way to run projects. If team members are the kind that take initiative, simply the visualization of how many tasks are left to go is enough to motivate them.

Blank Template—A blank canvas allows you to design a custom tasklist that suits their team’s needs.

The Tasks in Multiple Projects update gives you the ability to create tasks that belong to multiple projects at the same time. Instead of creating copies of the same task in various projects and having to update them repetitively, people can simply add multiple project locations to one task. Any update in the task is instantly reflected simultaneously across all projects containing that task.

Taskworld Enterprise pricing starts at $11 per month for a single person after a 15-day free trial, with tiered plan subscription options for businesses with five to 500+ employees. The platform is also available in German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean and Thai. For more information on Taskworld, visit www.taskworld.com.

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