Claim Jumper Restaurants LLC deployed HME Wireless’ TableScout table management technology to improve its table turns and customer service.

Using HME Wireless’ handheld wireless transmitter, TableScout, allows Claim Jumper management, host, and bus staff to easily update each other, and the restaurant’s table management systems, with current seating status. Updates such as “check paid,” “table cleared,” and “table bussed” are sent to the hostess station immediately, eliminating time-consuming trips around the restaurant with a scratch pad, and the need for pen and paper table management. Tables turn quicker, wait-times are shorter, more guests are served improving the overall guest experience.

“Although paper and grease pencil worked in the past, the TableScout has taken the guesswork out of managing the dining room,” says Kevin Thompson, systems administrator for Claim Jumper. “Previously, we had to estimate the status of tables, or wait for the floor staff to check in with the hostess, which meant longer waits for customers. Now that we have real time information to work with, our table turns are faster, and our guests have never been more satisfied.”

Claim Jumper has integrated TableScout into their QSR Table Management solution. TableScout, along with GuestCall IQ and Motorola 2-Way Radios, completes a total restaurant communication system. Improving speed of service is a key process within the restaurant industry. These tools don’t change the way restaurants operate but simply automate a process that was manual in the past.

“This automation allows front-line staff such as the host or hostess to focus on the guests and not on wait-times, table status, or where guests are in the queue,” says Russ Ford, vice president of HME Wireless. “Using technology to gain operational efficiencies is the key to greater profitability in these challenging times. Using TableScout adds a great deal of value for very little cost at the unit level.”

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