TableSafe Inc., innovators of the RAIL pay-at-the-table platform, announced that their RAIL 2 payment system has achieved PCI PTS certification. The certification validates the RAIL 2 payment platform complies with the industry’s highest standards of security, data integrity and privacy protection for processing electronic payments. The certification also clears the path for TableSafe to initiate manufacturing to fulfill the backlog of market demand for this highly anticipated product.

Developed by the founding payment brands of the PCI Security Standards Council, the PCI PTS is a multi-faceted security standard that includes requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and hardware manufacturing. The PCI certification ensures that a product conforms to payment card data theft protections standards mandated by the PCI Security Standards Council.

“With the surging risk of credit card fraud and chargebacks many full-service restaurants are looking to provide increased protection for their customers’ card data and their establishment,” says Steve McKean, president of TableSafe. “The RAIL 2 is one of the elite few restaurant-focused PTS certified payment platforms in the U.S. helping to guard customers and restaurants from consumer fraud.” 

The RAIL is housed inside a patented billfold replicating the traditional folio a restaurant uses to deliver the guest’s check.  Incorporating the latest payment technology, the RAIL is designed to accept both current and future payment methods including traditional Mag stripe, EMV (chip and signature, and chip and pin), NFC (Apple Pay, Android Pay), QR/UPC code and credit card companies’ mobile payment applications. This payment agnostic system will allow guests the ability to securely self-insert or self-swipe credit, debit or chip-enabled cards or pay with their phone while keeping their credit card and identity securely under their control.  It also allows the guest to auto-calculate the tip, split the bill multiple ways, pay-by-item, and receive email receipts.

“A restaurant depends on delivering the highest level of customer service and brand experience to drive their business, so unlike most of the payment devices in the market today, we designed the RAIL to complement the dining experience rather than disrupt it,” adds McKean.  “The RAIL system provides the guest with the highest level of security, freedom of payment choice and the ability to control the length of time to complete the payment process.”

In addition to providing PCI compliance, Point-to-Point Encryption and other security features, the TableSafe System also provides restaurateurs with operational benefits such as improved staff efficiency, quicker table turn, and greater customer satisfaction—resulting in increased revenue.

TableSafe will begin distributing the RAIL 2 payment system in multiple local Seattle-area restaurants this summer and initiate a national pilot program with strategic customers in the fall 2016.

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