Getting healthy consistently tops the list of New Year’s resolutions, also making it one the most broken self-promises. Swiss Diamond is making keeping that vow easier in 2017. The company known for its revolutionary cookware has just unveiled the Premium Clad collection. Made from five layers of specially selected heat-conducting metals, the Premium Clad line is encapsulated by stainless steel and features safe, smooth rounded edges. Premium Clad also features sturdy, welded handles for longevity, which don’t trap bacteria like riveted handles are prone to.

According to Wellness Today, the advantages of stainless steel cookware include its durability, its easy maintenance and its non-reaction with food during cooking. When considering a cookware purchase, Wellness Today recommends, “Just make sure you purchase a mid to high price level set with a copper or aluminum core to ensure that the pan will heat evenly.”

Swiss Diamond offers the healthful benefits associated with cooking with stainless steel without sacrificing the even heat conduction of inferior metals. The company’s new Premium Clad 5-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware collection bonds 5 metallic layers consisting of premium grade 18/10 stainless steel, pure aluminum, alloy aluminum, a second layer of pure aluminum and finally an induction-compatible 18/0 magnetic stainless steel base layer. In combination, these metals provide efficient, even heat distribution with no hot spots, thereby ensuring consistent results every time.

Oven safe up to 500°F (260°C), Premium Clad cookware from Swiss Diamond offers a host of other cooking benefits on top of its enviable heat conduction. Its ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip with a welded design that stays securely attached over time. The new cookware collection also features see-through lids and cast stainless steel knobs. The lids are constructed of heat-tempered glass that is safe for use in the oven while the knobs afford steam-release venting to prevent noisy rattling.

To aid in adding ingredients, the Premium Clad pots and pans are etched with capacity markings. As such, they allow flexibility in the kitchen by eliminating the need for measuring cups.  Each item in the new collection is finished in a beautiful satin exterior from top to bottom. Aesthetically speaking, Premium Clad cookware is as visually attractive as it is functional. Dishwasher safe, the entire collection comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Fry pans, saucepans, dutch ovens, stock pots, sauté pans, chef pans and woks are all part of the Swiss Diamond Premium Clad lineup. They can be purchased individually or as part of a 10-piece set. They retail for $99.95 and up and are available at select gourmet stores, online and Amazon.  For more information visit

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