SWIPEBY, a SaaS+ platform turning restaurants into a virtual drive- thru with curbside pickup, has launched a crowdinvesting campaign with Republic. The startup has raised over $150,000 from hundreds of investors in less than six days, has been “trending” on Republic within their first days, showing momentum and high demand for the opportunity. The round will be open until November 1.

SWIPEBY’s high-tech platform for curbside pickup and off-premise operations was built through thoughtful collaboration with merchants, staff, and their customers. The Republic’s platform allows SWIPEBY to stay true to its mission and invite these valued users, partners, and the general public to invest in their company.

“We’re thrilled that so many people—many of whom are our users and partners—support our mission of helping local restaurants offer a great curbside experience without onerous fees,” says Carl Turner, founder of SWIPEBY. “Our mission has always been to make off-premise accessible and fun for everyone, regardless of size or location or status, so it was an easy choice to open up this investment opportunity to everyone. We wouldn’t exist without them and we are grateful to have them on this journey with us.”

SWIPEBY grew 1,380 percent from Q1 to Q2 2020 and has partnered with merchants in over 25 States, saving them thousands of dollars in fees and commissions.

The campaign will help fund marketing, national expansion, and improvements to the app. Investors receive perks such as SWIPEBY in-app credits, SWIPEBY merchandise, and a personal webinar from Turner. Investment amounts start at as little as $100.

Republic operates a family of businesses, including an investment platform that provides retail investors around the world with compliant access to curated startups and blockchain projects. Founded in 2016, Republic operates under U.S. equity crowdfunding regulations and is under the supervision of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. For additional information, please visit www.republic.co.

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