Sushi Maki has been on a roll, spreading the joy of what great sushi should be – delicious, responsibly-sourced and full of tasty combinations – to guests throughout South Florida for 20 years.

Founded in 2000, Abe and Christina Ng wanted to give Miami something it didn’t have at the time – a neighborhood Japanese restaurant for sushi lovers that served delicious fresh food at good prices. In a sea of sushi snobbery, they had a revolutionary idea: democratize sushi by offering an intelligent, accessible and environmentally-conscious approach to dining. Now, 20 years later, Sushi Maki has 22 locations throughout South Florida and an impressive relationship with Whole Foods Markets providing sustainable seafood sushi.

“This is an exciting year for us and we can’t wait to celebrate with the community that we have had the pleasure of serving for two decades,” Abe Ng says. “Sushi Maki is a true family affair. Part of its success can be attributed to the 40+ year-long journey that began with my dad, Allan Ng, building Canton Chinese – one of the most beloved Chinese restaurants in Miami. Sushi Maki has had many co-founders – my parents, my sister Iva, my brother-in-law, and my wife Christina – they all pitched in. Now, we have been around long enough to where some people could say that the first time they ate sushi was at Sushi Maki! We offer something unique that keeps sushi newbies and know-it-alls alike coming back for more. We love serving our freshly prepared Asian dishes to everyone, and are going the extra mile to spread goodness and create deeper connections. That’s why we are taking this opportunity to give back to our community throughout the year.”

In honor of its 20th anniversary, Sushi Maki is sharing goodness with the local community during a year-long Maki Madness celebration. On the 20th of every month, Sushi Maki will debut a featured sushi roll, from which 20 cents of the sale of each of these rolls will be donated to a partner community organization. From Feb. 20-March 19, Sushi Maki will offer the Ocean Tempura Roll – white fish, avocado, sesame seeds, spicy mayo, eel sauce and nori, served with white or brown rice – in partnership with Feed Miami. Then, from March 20-April 19, Sushi Maki will offer the Big Roll – kanikama, spicy tuna, BBQ eel, shrimp tempura, avocado, fried spinach noodles, tobiko wasabi and spicy sweet chili sauce – in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami. To stay up to date on the latest featured roll, follow Sushi Maki on Instagram.

Sushi Maki is committed to bringing its delicious fishes, positive vibes and healthier lives to as many people that will listen. Its menu features everything from traditional sushi and sashimi to creative poke bowls to vegan rolls, dumplings, salads, pad thai, Truffle Ponzu Salmon, Lava Shrimp and Tuna Tataki.

As the first sushi chain in the U.S. to earn the Marine Stewardship Council Certification in addition to its ethos of healthy fare for all, Sushi Maki maintains its mission of incredible food from credible sources. Its salmon is sustainably harvested from leading aquaculture fisheries, and its chicken and steak are all-natural with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Sushi Maki also offers a variety of other MSC certified sustainable seafood, on a seasonal basis.

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