Committed to spreading goodness in the communities they serve, Sushi Maki and Canton Chinese Restaurants have partnered with several local foundations to provide 13,000 free meals to those who have been heavily affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Local organizations, such as Templeton Family Foundation, The Kirk Foundation, National Christian Foundation and other private contributors, have rallied to support the Miami community by partnering with Sushi Maki and Canton to help provide crisis meals for families in need.

The sponsors donated more than $40,000 for 13,000 meals to be delivered to various community organizations, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami, Branches, Ronald McDonald Charity House, Touching Miami with Love and other nonprofits in Little Haiti and Carol City, over the course of the crisis.

“Vulnerable populations have been severely impacted by this global pandemic,” says Abe Ng, founder and CEO of Sushi Maki. “We believe it is our duty to support those affected most by ensuring they receive a meal. It’s a privilege to come together as a community to help take care of each other during an uncertain and unprecedented time. Sushi Maki and Canton are grateful to be a part of this effort. These donations are possible through the generosity of each of these foundations and the time, labor and distribution of our teams.”

“We are committed to supporting South Florida during this crisis,” adds Chris Lane, executive director of Miami National Christian Foundation. “Many families have been greatly affected during this time, and we want to do our part to help those in need. We stand with Sushi Maki, Canton and the other organizations involved in providing crisis meals to families in our community.”

Sushi Maki is committed to bringing delicious fishes, positive vibes and healthier lives to as many people that will listen. Its menu features everything from traditional sushi and sashimi to creative poke bowls to vegan rolls, dumplings, salads, pad thai, Truffle Ponzu Salmon, Lava Shrimp and Tuna Tataki. Sushi Maki is currently offering contactless take-out and delivery.

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