Independent and small chain restaurant owners have always had many roles to play in the daily running of their businesses, from being the chef, to managing operations. Today, they face yet another challenge: an increased need to reach out to customers in a competitive digital space. To support restaurant owners in this challenge, Tork has commissioned a new survey that provides insights into the types of marketing messages that can help restaurants increase revenue. And now, with the upgraded Tork Xpressnap digital DIY marketing tool, these messages can be created and promoted, both in store and online, in just a few clicks.

Leading global hygiene brand, Tork, commissioned a survey of over 1,000 American restaurant visitors, to identify which factors will most likely help restaurant owners increase traffic, repeat business and increase check sizes.

“We know that 68 percent of restaurant-goers like it when a restaurant promotes offers on social media. By using social media, our independent and small chain restaurant customers have a better opportunity to reach and attract a wider audience than ever before. However, with all the demands on restaurant owners, we know that marketing efforts can become a lower priority. By providing the right insights and tools, the Tork Xpressnap system can help customers create and promote marketing messages quickly and efficiently,” says Suzanne Cohen, foodservice marketing director at Tork.

Social media is becoming the new Word of Mouth

The survey findings show that a strong social media presence and showcasing unique and personal aspects of a restaurant can make for successful marketing. The following summary shows more highlights from the survey and how they can help with common industry challenges:

Increase traffic: Maintain an active presence across social media channels to attract new business.

  • 68 percent like it when a restaurant promotes offers on social media
  • 54 percent of restaurant-goers like spending time on social media to learn about new places to eat

Increase check size: The most valuable advertising space could be inside your own restaurant.

  • 48 percent say that in-store promotions increase the likelihood that they will spend more
  • 29 percent agree that a tempting table-top marketing message (such as images of a new appetizer, drink or dessert) would increase the chances of them spending more

Repeat business: Being unique and personal with your customer interactions can encourage repeat business.

  • 86 percent agree that a personalized experience increases the chances they will come back to the restaurant
  • 58 percent recognize that a unique concept is important when deciding whether to revisit a restaurant

A newly developed digital tool from Tork enables restaurant owners to create their own marketing messages in just a few clicks of a button. Their unique message can then be shared instantly on their social media channels or, printed to be displayed in the dispensers’ Ad-a-Glance advertising panel, turning the dispenser itself into an onsite promotional vehicle.

Tork Xpressnap customer, Grace Foltz, thinks it’s great that she can create consistent professional messages and unique designs so easily.

“I can create any kind of digital imagery with the Tork online tool. They will be consistent and professionally done, and I can post them directly to my social media channels,” says Grace, Chef at The Jerk Pit, Philadelphia.

Tips on how to express yourself

  • Create a unique personalized message: Use the digital tool and tell your story—the survey results suggest that guests are likely to be interested in how a restaurant supports their local community.
  • Showcase personality: Customers appreciate a chef with an eccentric personality, let them interact with customers and center your social media campaign around them.
  • Let the food do the talking: A tempting image in your table-top display can make your guests spend more than planned. Use the Ad-a-Glance feature in the Tork Xpressnap dispensers to showcase the most mouth-watering menu items and encourage customers to spend a little more.
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