To assist its foodservice customers’ real-time ingredient needs, SupHerb Farms announced the launch of diced and pureed Aji amarillo chili pepper.

An important ingredient in Peruvian cooking, Aji amarillo peppers mature to a deep orange color and have a unique fruity flavor with a mellow and sweet medium heat.

SupHerb Farms Executive Chef Scott Adair says “These two new product formats—diced and puréed—expand how this popular pepper will be used on menus. Our attention to detail during processing allows us to capture the true flavor, color, and texture of Aji amarillo peppers.”

SupHerb Farms Diced Aji Amarillo Pepper adds vibrant color, mellow/sweet heat, and global adventure to any dish, including salsas, compotes, and salads. SupHerb Farms Aji Amarillo Pepper Puree delivers complex sweet heat and a refreshing finish to a variety of dishes. The puree makes an excellent base for soups, sauces, dressings, marinades, and dips.

R&D teams rely on SupHerb Farms for its consistent fresh flavor solutions and on-trend, innovative product lines.

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