Food and beer have come together in a fascinating way in Turlock, California. SupHerb Farms hosted chefs from the San Francisco chapter of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) at Dust Bowl Brewing for a day of food and beer pairings, plus behind-the-scenes tours of each manufacturing facility.

What made the event unique was its keynote speaker, Dr Hoby Wedler, a pioneer in sensory tasting and cofounder of Senspoint Design. Blind from birth, Dr Wedler collaborated with SupHerb Farms chef Scott Adair, Dust Bowl’s brewmaster, Don Oliver, and Taproom chef Abel Larios to guide guests through four pairings featuring the hosts’ products.

Dr Wedler led blindfolded attendees through a sensory tasting where they sampled different beer styles with select food pairings.

“Being cognizant of how the different flavor profiles impact the diner’s experience is essential in menu development,” Dr Wedler says. “When you take away the sense of sight, you can really hone in on flavor and texture. You have no preconceived notion of what the food or beer should taste like. My mission is to educate and develop a greater appreciation for the sensory experience of food and beverage.”

The ACF–sanctioned event brought together chefs from a volume bakery, an upscale senior living community and more.

“Understanding the huge impact that sight has on the senses of smell and taste was really enlightening. The exercise helped me pay attention to every sensory signal and flavor nuance,” said Alan Skversky, corporate chef for Andre Boudin Bakeries.

SupHerb Farms national account manager Stephanie Schutz reiterated the benefits of the exercise.

“Blind comparison tastings bring greater attention to flavor elements. In the 50/50 Slider with smoked pork belly and S’chug aioli paired with Therapist beer, the fresh citrus and hop notes in the beer cut through the smoky rich pork belly, complimented by the heat of the jalapenos, cumin, garlic and parsley in the S’chug. The idea was to pair intense, extreme foods with a beer that would counter the opposing flavors and mouth feel.”

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