SugarTrek, Inc. recently launched Foodie Finds (, the world’s first augmented reality app for discovering delicious food at nearby restaurants and bars.

“We have deep compassion for the restaurant, bar owners and staff hit so hard by this pandemic,” says Jennifer Ganther, Co-founder and CEO of SugarTrek. “We wanted to create an app that works better than any other restaurant app on the market today. We know that we will get through this virus together and we want restaurant owners to continue to attract customers and drive revenue even during this very difficult economic time. Therefore, during the quarantine, we are offering our services without charge. We encourage restaurants using Foodie Finds to announce their participation on our app through their social channels to let their customers know where to find the latest deals they have to offer.”

Using augmented reality and sophisticated behavioral economics, Foodie Finds tempts people with images of delicious dishes. Through artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the app gets better at guessing what customers want to eat. With Foodie Finds, customers find out what they want to eat in mere seconds and can place an order. Foodie Finds has over a million restaurants in the U.S. listed and is also available internationally.

“People love it because it offers them food and drinks like nothing they have ever seen before — right before their very eyes! A person can also see food in faraway places, plus he or she can see what their friends are eating,” says Myles Leighton, Co-founder and CIO of the app.

“This app will help restaurant owners get ahead of the curve by reaching customers in a fun and effortless way. It has free options and unlockable superpowers, plus crowdsourced content management. Foodie Finds brings in more customers than any other form of marketing because it places food right in front of people, like a dessert cart. With our app, restaurant owners can attract real customers instantly, reduce food waste and offer instant promotions during slow times.”

Restaurant owners can sign up to Foodie Finds in seconds. To start, business owners can simply claim their listed restaurant(s) in the Foodie Finds app to get their business and restaurant dishes shown to customers for free. Foodie Finds helps restaurants attract customers during COVID-19, secure delivery orders and drive revenue during this difficult economic period.

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