Stouffer’s recently announced a new addition to its food service lineup – Stouffer’s Single-Serve White Cheddar Mac & Cheese.

The popular White Cheddar Mac & Cheese is now available in a new size that offers five different preparation methods to suit kitchens of any size, including boil-in-bag, microwave, pizza oven/impinger, rapid-cook oven, and steamer. This premium signature item will help operators easily capture higher profits.

Stouffer’s Single-Serve White Cheddar Mac & Cheese is a great option for operators who want to offer high-quality and convenient meals with less waste, especially those with limited footprint kitchens. This dish can help to optimize labor in the food service industry while providing a reliable supply chain and steady cost of goods.

Key Features and Benefits:

1.   Premium Ingredients: Stouffer’s Single-Serve White Cheddar Mac & Cheese is crafted using only the finest ingredients, including 9-month-aged white sharp cheddar cheese and perfectly tender cavatappi pasta. The result is a dish that delivers a satisfying and indulgent experience.

2.   Consistent Quality: With Stouffer’s commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards, operators can be confident in serving a compatible product to their customers. Each single-serve portion can be easily prepared to ensure consistent taste and texture while increasing the speed to the plate.

3.   Convenience and Versatility: Stouffer’s Single-Serve White Cheddar Mac & Cheese offers unmatched convenience for operators. The individually portioned meals come in easy-to-heat bags, allowing for five quick and efficient preparation methods and less waste, whether for dine-in, takeout, or delivery services. The versatility of this offering makes it a perfect choice for various restaurant concepts, from fast-casual to family-friendly, and even food trucks.

4.   Customer Satisfaction: Stouffer’s has a long-standing reputation for delivering exceptional flavor profiles and satisfying meals. By adding Stouffer’s Single-Serve White Cheddar Mac & Cheese to their menus, operators can cater to customer preferences, especially those seeking comfort food classics with a twist.

“This new single-serve pouch of Stouffer’s White Cheddar Mac & Cheese makes fulfilling orders much more efficient during off-peak hours or slower seasons,” says Doug McGohan, Sr. Manager, Culinary Innovation at Stouffer’s. “With this product innovation, operators now can better control their food costs and eliminate waste without compromising on the same delicious flavor and quality the larger portion is known for.” 

As part of Stouffer’s promise to quality and customer satisfaction, the Single-Serve White Cheddar Mac & Cheese does not contain artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Stouffer’s maintains its dedication to providing meals made with real ingredients that operators can feel good about serving and people can feel good about eating.

Stouffer’s Single-Serve White Cheddar Mac & Cheese is now available for food service professionals looking to enhance their menu offerings with a premium and convenient solution. With Stouffer’s commitment to excellence, operators can trust in the brand’s rich heritage and dedication to quality.

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