Stolen Rum is broadening its global presence by boldly launching in the U.S.  The company has chosen South Florida as its point of entry for the launch of Stolen “Coffee & Cigarettes Spiced Rum” – a new unique, world first, handcrafted spiced rum infused with coffee and tobacco flavors.

Stolen was launched in 2010 by New Zealand entrepreneurs Jamie Duff and Roger Holmes.  Having encountered only mainstream and watered-down rums during their travels, Duff and Holmes sought out to innovate rum culture to speak to a new generation of drinkers. Since launch, Stolen Rum has experienced 178 percent uplift in full-strength case sales, collected a slew of international spirits awards, and has grown exponentially with each year that passes. The start-up spirits company has taken their humble beginnings from a one-bedroom flat in 2009 to becoming an international flavor in mere years. Stolen’s success can be attributed to their inclusive products, on-the-ground disruptive marketing, and a counterculture manifesto.

Stolen has conquered New Zealand and Australia in record time; the company has garnered credibility by consecutively winning international spirits awards each year since launch, including at the San Francisco International Spirits awards.  Even out the gate, Stolen was nominated for Best New Launched Brand at the Australian Bar Awards. Connoisseurs and iconoclasts alike have flocked to the rum brand in droves.

For the U.S., Stolen challenged themselves to create a spiced rum like no other; infused fine Caribbean rum with natural roasted coffee beans and tobacco flavors, delivering a unique style of spiced rum. These natural spiced flavors impart a sweet coffee aroma with a smoky but smooth finish. The flavor combination of coffee and tobacco is a nod to a time where intellectual conversations between creative types and their pursuits were commonly accompanied by the indulgence of coffee and cigarettes.

Stolen Rum is currently undertaking tastings in key retail accounts across Miami. Jamie Duff, CEO and co-founder, who is currently based in Miami, says the response to the product and flavors from consumers has been positive, albeit polarizing. He adds the product and packaging has resonated with a young, urban, and contemporary crowd. Duff further explains the inspiration for the product: “Stolen was born out of the premise that our lives will only be ours when we steal them back – and that means pursing what we want without waiting for permission. It is this willful disobedience that inspired Stolen “Coffee & Cigarettes” Spiced Rum. We’ve blended the tradition of spiced rum with the ritual of fueling creative and rebellious endeavours with coffee and cigarettes to create a spiced rum that we wanted to drink.”

Stolen Rum has partnered with Southern Wines and Spirits, the largest distributor in the US, to launch Stolen in the Florida market.


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