Sterling Payment Technologies, a leading provider of payment processing, today announced it has partnered with Focus POS Systems, a provider of restaurant point of sale software, to offer a semi-integrated EMV solution to businesses in the hospitality industry, utilizing both Datacap NETePay and Ingenico Group’s smart terminals. The EMV solutions also include a tip processing feature and the ability to accept payments from mobile wallets, thanks to NFC technologies.

“We are excited to partner with Focus POS to deliver innovative and comprehensive EMV solutions,” says Joe Gage, executive director of the IPOS channel at Sterling Payment Technologies. “The payments landscape is constantly evolving, but our continued commitment to protecting customers allows us to provide robust and integrated payment solutions that will adapt to changes in the industry."

EMV became a necessity in the hospitality industry due to the liability shift that took place in October of 2015. This shift meant that any restaurant that wasn’t EMV compliant would be held accountable for certain fraudulent transactions processed by its system. Using the proper EMV technology helps protect businesses and customers from fraud.

“Transaction security has become increasingly important in the hospitality industry, and our partnership with Sterling Payment Technologies helps us stay ahead of the competition,” says Mike Hamm, chief operating officer at Focus POS Systems. “We don't want our customers to worry about fraudulent transactions at the point of sale, and this EMV solution provides the reliability and security the industry needs.”

As a national payment processor, Sterling Payment Technologies is dedicated to providing fast, affordable and secure payment processing to merchants throughout the U.S. In addition to providing a complete range of credit, debit and gift programs, Sterling is an expert in easy payment integrations that include EMV solutions, P2P encryption, tokenization, out-of-scope solutions, mobile solutions, and cloud-based POS reporting platforms. The company’s focus on technology and service allows Sterling to provide superior customer support and a broad range of advanced solutions to its customers.

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