Austin, Texas, steakhouse, III Forks, is located in one of the most tech-forward communities in the country. Effective April 26, the legendary restaurant will enter the realm of blockchain when it begins accepting Bitcoin.

III Forks, which is owned by CRO, Inc., is the first restaurant in the company to begin accepting Bitcoin, and the company hopes to expand the offering to other locations in the near future.

“Our clients in Austin are technologically forward thinking, and we want to serve them in the way they prefer to pay,” says Curtis Osmond, president of CRO’s Steakhouse Division. “Our guests appreciate the security offered by the Lightning Network.”

III Forks Austin will accept payments made in Bitcoin using Bitpay on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Guests can inform their server at the time of checkout they would like to pay with Bitcoin and the III Forks team will present them with a Bitpay invoice QR code to scan tableside. These transactions settle in seconds and allow for a seamless payment using the guest’s choice of crypto wallet.

Following this trial, CRO, Inc plans to evaluate expanding Bitpay in other restaurants across the company.

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