Ordyx POS announced that St. John’s Program for Real Change have hired their services for its in-house restaurant, PLATES. St. John’s is a non-profit organization that helps homeless women turn their lives around and get an education to start a career. Ordyx is excited to be working with this non-profit organization, helping impact people’s lives, and bringing positive change to our society.

Ordyx has worked with St John’s by providing them the same 24/7 Support, Training, and free Bi-monthly upgrades that Ordyx is known for under special pricing specifically structured for non-profit organizations. As a result, St. John’s now has all the POS tools necessary to better educate their students in the area of restaurant technology.

“Ordyx is constantly looking for ways to give back to the local community. For years we have been donating employees’ time towards area charities,” says David Marrero, President of Ordyx. “The new non-profit Ordyx pricing our Marketing Team developed is a great extension of our efforts in this area. This new pricing is designed to empower entities like PLATES by providing them with the same tools that traditional for-profit establishments utilize.”

At PLATES the women who are part of the program at St. John’s work around 600-1,200 hours to learn about the food and service industry. The experience they obtain at PLATES prepares them for a career once they graduate from the program.

Their restaurant currently has two locations in Sacramento where they serve full breakfast and lunch meals, as well as offer a catering service for events. The first Thursday of every month different well recognized chefs from the area go to Plates and put together charity dinners. With the equipment and software provided by Ordyx, they can better educate the women on how to properly manage a restaurant.

This organization is making an impact on the lives of many women who for a long period of time never thought it could be possible for them to do something positive in their lives.

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