SPRiZZi Drink-Co., a leading eco-friendly beverage system, announced a $100 million investment initiative from the government of Rugao, China, attributed to its environmentally friendly products. This investment will not only increase the production and efficiency of SPRiZZi Drink-Co., but it reinforces both parties’ values of expanding the variety of green products and technology through quality service to its users, decreasing the amount of un-recyclable waste and diminishing their carbon footprint.

“SPRiZZi Drink-Co.’s model and products are exactly what we’ve been looking for,” says Secretary Ma from the Chinese Government. “With typical beverages being 84 percent water, we are helping provide a smart solution which will save large amounts of plastic, cans and bottles, while also reducing the carbon footprint left on the planet with the help of SPRiZZi Drink-Co.’s 100 percent recyclable flavor bullets.”

Over the course of five years, the $100 million investment will include a 60,000 square foot manufacturing warehouse with an accompanied 5,000 square foot executive office space in Rugao, China. The investment will also take the form of tax credits, a cash fund for innovation awards, letters of credit to vendors, loans for equipment, tax breaks and various government cash grants. Funds will also be used for building a bullet-filling factory in Rugao as well. In addition to the international investor, SPRiZZi Drink-Co. has received funding from strategic partners for global licensings, angel investors and is currently in talks with several other partners and independent investors.

“This is by far, the most disruptive product to come to market in the beverage industry,” says SPRiZZi Drink-Co. president and CEO, Michael Breault. “Not only are we helping the environment, but with how fast we are growing, we will be able to help people as well. We deem ourselves an ever growing brand with new facilities, machinery and positions that will offer increased opportunities in states such as North Carolina, where SPRiZZi Drink-Co. has another manufacturing facility that will employ over 200 people.”                                           

SPRiZZi Drink-Co.’s beverage dispenser brings a variety of your favorite beverages and flavors to any office, work and home space, at your leisure. To create your perfect beverage every time, make sure the CO2 canister is locked into its proper port and filtered water is added into its receptacle. Select your desired flavor bullet and proceed to open and twist it to the flavor cavity.

Finally, place your cup onto the drink machine and select the right button for carbonated drinks or the left for fresh water drinks. The ability to have your favorite beverage on hand has never been easier. To learn more about SPRiZZi Drink-Co. and its revolutionary beverage dispenser, please visit SPRiZZi.com.

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