The Berkshire Room, by The Fifty/50 Group, released new cocktails for spring along with a revamped antique whiskey program, providing a number of new reasons to visit the refined cocktail lounge this season. The award-winning bar offering an unparalleled imbibing experience specializing in “Dealer’s Choice,” barrel-finished, and house cocktails, invites guests to the chic River North location housed inside Chicago’s ACME Hotel for light, refreshing flavors paying homage to the classics. 

Priding themselves on solid, classic drinks to the absolute T, The Berkshire Room’s talented mixology team is ringing in spring with innovation and unexampled craft. Beverage Director Benjamin Schiller helms a collaborative team including Bar Manager Christian Hetter and bartender Julieta Campos, among others, presenting new drinks exuding brightness and perfect composition.

With individualized service and an upscale, yet approachable atmosphere, guests are in for beautifully presented springtime sippers. New cocktails launching include:

Miss Clavel: Processo, Pamplemousse, Pineapple, Lemon, and Spiced Orgeat

Behind The Shed: Rye, Amaro, Stone Pine, and Falernum 

Refresh Button: Choice of Vodka, Gin, or Tequila with Gran Classsico, Gentian, Sea Salt, and Rosemary

Nilsson Schmilsson: Rum, Campari, Vanilla, Lime, and Coconut 

La Poderosa: Cognac, Dry Curacao, Masala, and Lime 

In addition to new craft cocktails, The Berkshire Room revamps its antique whiskey program for aficionados and newbies looking to explore. The team is passionate about the growing collection of truly sought after bourbons and ryes, all extremely rare. The destination is the top spot in Chicago for the opportunity to taste a number of antiques and other rare finds, with the ability to order one or two ounce pours.

Antiques waiting to be sampled include:

I.W. Harper Bonded 1950; 100 proof—$200

Old Fitzgerald 1856 (1965-1973); 90 proof—$240

Very Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond (1952-1960); 100 proof—$400

Old Grand Dad 1942; 100 proof—$225

W.L. Weller Special Reserve (1967-1974); 90 proof—$200

Mount Vernon Rye 1942; 100 proof—$250

Old Overholt Rye Bottled in Bond (1945-1950); 100 proof—$65

In addition to antiques, a number of other exclusive and highly limited whiskeys are available, with highlights including:

Very Olde St. Nick 15yr; 107 proof—$100

Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. Tornado; 100 proof—$100

Pappy Van Winkle 23yr; 95.6 proof—$200

Willett 25yr; 100 proof—$100

Nathan Stone; 105 proof—$100

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