SpotOn, a software and payments partner for restaurants, today announced Seat & Send, a first-of-its-kind feature for restaurants and their guests. After joining a restaurant’s waitlist or reservation roster, Seat and Send allows guests to pre-order food or drinks that will be fired to the kitchen immediately after the guest is seated. The new advancement promises faster service, enhanced guest satisfaction, and improved operational efficiency for restaurants. 
Wait times are a common pain point for diners and restaurant operators alike. SpotOn developed Seat & Send as a way to enhance the guest experience from the start while helping operators maximize orders, grow their average ticket size and achieve that elusive third turn without sacrificing the third round. With Seat & Send, guests can now make the most of their wait time by easily browsing the menu and placing orders right from their smartphone devices. The Seat & Send solution allows guests to receive their orders faster, while restaurants can improve operational efficiency, turn tables faster, and reduce pressure on servers as they continue to face labor challenges. 
Seat & Send brings together the power of SpotOn Restaurant, SpotOn Reserve, and SpotOn Order to allow guests to jump-start their orders while waiting for their table. Guests with a reservation or added to the waitlist will automatically receive a digital ordering link from the restaurant so they can explore and order the restaurant’s menu using SpotOn Order. To pre-order, guests select their preferred items, customize their order, indicate dietary preferences or allergens, and confirm the order. Once the guest is seated, their order is sent to the kitchen and delivered seamlessly. Guests can continue to add to their order throughout their experience and even pay with the same link. 
“As a parent to three young kids, I am particularly excited about how Seat & Send adds convenience and speed without sacrificing quality,” said Bryan Solar, Chief Product Officer at SpotOn. “As soon as I sit down, my order is fired to the kitchen, which means my kids are fed sooner, and the restaurant gets that table turned faster. It’s the type of win-win outcome that we strive to provide our restaurateurs and their guests.” 
Going beyond a better guest experience, Seat & Send offers significant advantages for owners and operators. By jump-starting orders, restaurants can increase guest check averages, turn tables faster, and accommodate more guests throughout service. With an efficient process, the guest’s order is sent to SpotOn Reserve and only sent to the kitchen once the guest is seated. By bringing together SpotOn Order, SpotOn Reserve, and SpotOn Restaurant, SpotOn ties the order to the table number and guest name, enabling operators to view, make and serve orders effortlessly. As operators continue to focus on their employee experience, Seat and Send gives servers increased efficiency and more time to focus on their guests rather than rushing to take orders. 
The latest software innovation in SpotOn’s fully-integrated restaurant management platform, Seat & Send, will be available beginning Tuesday, June 13.
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