SpotOn, a leading software and payments provider, announced its #TipTheRealMVPs campaign ahead of Sunday’s game. In honor of the 56th game, SpotOn will add $5.60 to every order placed on Sunday, February 13, through SpotOn Order, the company’s commission-free online ordering platform. One order will be selected at random to receive a special $5,600 MVP-sized tip. The company serves tens of thousands of restaurants nationwide and is using this national moment to shine a light on the challenges faced by the restaurant industry and the role hospitality workers play in making “big moments” like Sunday possible.

“Every year during “the Big Game,” companies spend billions of dollars on advertising. We love a great ad, but this year, we felt the need to invest elsewhere – in the real MVPs who are keeping our families fed, our communities vibrant, and our tables filled with far better nachos than we can make at home,” says Matt Hyman, co-CEO of SpotOn.

From COVID-related closures and mandates to rising food costs and a crippling labor shortage, restaurants are struggling to find their footing nearly two years into the pandemic. The Independent Restaurant Coalition recently reported that 42% of independent restaurants that did not receive Restaurant Relief Fund grants are now on the verge of bankruptcy.

“All of this weighed heavily on us when we talked about how we would approach our marketing efforts in advance of “the biggest sporting event of the year.” We decided it just didn’t feel right for us to lean into advertising. At least not now, when restaurants are still in the thick of this pandemic,” says Kevin Bryla, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Customer Experience at SpotOn. “So this year, we’re giving our focus—and our funds—to the people whose hard work, passion, and creativity make the big moments in our lives so much better: the restaurant workers of America.”

In light of the ongoing plight of restaurants – many of which are open and working overtime to feed hungry fans on Sunday – SpotOn is “tipping” its restaurant clients and calling for consumers to support their local restaurants by ordering direct. Ordering directly from a restaurant’s website or Google My Business page eliminates costly commissions charged by third-party apps and helps to keep more money in the restaurant and community.

“To be clear, this isn’t a discount to consumers masquerading as a tip, nor is it an upcharge on so we can take a 30% commission – we don’t do commissions,” says Matt Hyman, co-CEO of SpotOn. “These tips are going straight to the restaurants – the real MVPs.”

Through the campaign, SpotOn hopes to increase awareness of the tough reality that restaurants are still facing, honor the hospitality workers who are working hard to serve guests during the game, and educate consumers on the benefits of ordering direct from their favorite restaurants.

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