SpotOn, a leading software and payments provider, announced it has acquired Dolce Software, a labor-management solution designed to help restaurants save time and money, ensure compliance and improve employee experience and retention.  

“Our customers are facing major challenges in attracting and retaining employees, and balancing complex and fast-changing compliance requirements,” says Zach Hyman, Co-Founder of SpotOn. “With the acquisition of Dolce, we’re giving our clients the tools they need to manage and retain their employees with full compliance in this incredibly competitive labor market. I am pleased that co-founders Peter Lambros and Glenn Kreisel are joining SpotOn to continue executing their vision.” 

With Dolce, SpotOn can now offer a complete labor management solution that includes scheduling, labor compliance, automated tips distribution, and enhanced payroll integrations with over 20 payroll providers. To manage labor costs, Dolce empowers businesses to schedule labor, assign budgets, and compare actual labor to budgets in real-time while alerting them to risks of overtime, understaffed dayparts, and labor vs sales trends. Operators can also manage their employee’s paid time off and sick time while enabling shift trading through a single platform. Additionally, the tool helps protect restaurateurs from compliance issues and future wage claims by verifying time punches and meal/rest breaks with real-time data from the SpotOn Restaurant platform. For multi-unit restaurants, all locations can be combined into a single account for collaborative scheduling, aggregating overtime across locations, and rollup analytics reporting.

Dolce’s tip pooling feature offers one of the most robust solutions on the market and is adaptable to virtually any tip-pooling or allocation method a restaurant requires. Employee gratuities can be exported directly to payroll or pay cards, eliminating the need for cash.

“Dolce provides a complete labor management solution for restaurants, by integrating functions that have traditionally been fragmented,” adds Peter Lambros, Co-Founder of Dolce. “By bringing together SpotOn’s restaurant management system with Dolce, we’re able to provide workflows that result in dramatic time and cost savings, while protecting restaurants from compliance-related issues.”

SpotOn’s integrated restaurant management system is built for restaurants, by restaurateurs with a Restaurant Advisory Council that informs the products and technology needed for the future of the industry. By staying close to the needs of the industry, SpotOn is able to move fast to provide independent restaurants with the tools they need when they need them the most. 

“I love having the opportunity to shape forward-thinking solutions for our industry,” says Chef Michael Mina, SpotOn Restaurant Advisor and Founder of MINA Group. “Tip distribution takes up a significant portion of our end-of-the-night closeout, so when we found Dolce helped us decrease our time from one hour down to ten minutes we knew it was a no-brainer for our restaurants and for SpotOn.”

Currently, SpotOn offers its restaurant clients a Dolce integration which simplifies the experience for staff and operators.

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