On-Premise traffic declined 3.5 percent year-over-year during the four-week period ending May 15, continuing a string of weak periods (March 20, -4.4 percent; April 17, -4.2 percent). While traffic remained well below the 52-week trend (-2 percent), the period was an improvement relative to the latest 12 weeks (-3.8 percent).

Share changes between alcohol beverage categories: Spirits continued to gain share of alcohol units (growing 1 share points during the period), sourcing gains from Beer (losing 1 points). Wine share was flat during the four weeks, slowing from a 0.2 point gain over the latest 12 weeks.

Total Alcohol: Total alcohol units were down 4.4 percent y/y during the four weeks, slightly above the 12-week trend (-4.5 percent), but lagging the latest 52 weeks (-3.1 percent).

Beer: Beer units were down -6.5 percent y/y during the period, declining from -5.3 percent over the last 52 weeks.

Beer Segments: Craft unit share continued to grow (gaining +0.3 points over the four weeks), but slowed from the 52-week trend (+0.6 points); Premium Light share losses improved (losing -0.4 points during the period versus -0.9 points over the latest 52 weeks); Imports lost -0.2 points; Premium Plus was the strongest performing segment (gaining +0.4 points), almost netting out losses in Premium Light/Regular.

Overall Spirits: Spirits units declined 2.1 percent y/y during the period, down from -0.7 percent over the latest 52 weeks.

Spirits Categories: Vodka gained 0.9 points during the four weeks; Tequila gained 0.5 points, slowing from +0.7 points over the last 12 weeks; Irish share gains were steady at +0.5 points; Brandy/Cognac gained 0.2 points. Bourbon/Blends lost 1.1 share points; Rum and Cordials both lost 0.4 points; Scotch lost 0.2 share points, and Gin share was flat.

Overall Wine: Wine volumes fell 4.4 percent y/y during the latest period, falling 2.6 percent over the latest 52 weeks.

Wine Varietals: The top share-gaining varietals over the latest 52 weeks were Sauvignon Blanc, Prosecco, and Champagne; while the top share donors were Merlot, Riesling, and Chardonnay.

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