On-premise traffic during the first four weeks of 2016 was dampened by winter storm Jonas (1.3 percent year over year decrease). The four weeks through February showed modest improvement (0.8 percent decrease year over year), trending above rolling 12-week (1.4 percent fall), 24-week (1.5 decline), and FY15 figures (1.1 drop).

Share changes between alcohol beverage categories: spirits continued to gain share of alcohol (0.8 growth in share points during the four weeks), at the expense of beer (0.7 fall in ppts) and wine (0.1 drop). Spirits’ gains tapered from the 24-week trend (1 gain in ppts).

Total Alcohol: Total alcohol units were down 1.8 percent year over year during the four weeks ending February 21, improving from a 2.6 percent fall during the latest 12 and 24 weeks.

Beer: Beer units were down 3.4 percent year over year during the latest four-week period, but showed the largest improvement relative to the latest 12 weeks (4.6 percent fall).

Beer Segments: craft unit share gains remained steady at plus 0.8 ppts (in line with the latest 52 weeks); Premium lights continued to lose share (0.9 ppts falls), but improved from the 12-week trend (1 ppts decline); Import’s share gains declined slightly from plus 0.2 ppts during the latest 12 weeks to plus 0.1 ppts during the latest period; Premium plus continued to gain share (up 0.2 ppts during latest four and 12 weeks); Cider share has been flat over the latest four, 12, and 24 weeks.

Overall Spirits: spirits units were up 0.2 percent year over year during the latest four-week period, the only alcohol category in positive territory.

Spirits Categories: Vodka share gains increased from plus 1 ppts (12-week) to up 1.2 ppts (four week); Flavored trends continued to weigh down bourbon/blends (1.3 ppts fall); Tequila and Irish both continued to gain share (up 0.7 ppts, up 0.4 ppts), but below 24-week trends (0.9 ppts gain, 0.6 ppts increase); gin (up 0.2 ppts) and brandy/cognac (0.1 ppts increase) continued steady share gains, while rum (0.4 ppts fall), cordials (down 0.5 ppts), scotch (down 0.2 ppts), and Canadian (drop of 0.1 ppts) lost share.

Craft Spirits: Domestic Non-Craft share gains declined to +0.1 ppts during the 4 weeks versus +0.4 ppts over the latest 52 weeks; Imports share losses improved to -2.9 ppts (4-week) from -3.3 ppts (52-week); Craft maintained share gains of +2.9 ppts.

Overall Wine: Wine volumes were down 2.2 percent year over year during the latest four weeks, versus down 2.6 percent over the latest 12 weeks.

Wine Varietals: The top share-gaining varietals over the latest 52 weeks were Sauvignon Blanc, Champagne, and Prosecco; while the top share donors were Merlot, Riesling, and Malbec.

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