SPIN! Pizza, a local Kansas City pizzeria, will add new Dallas locations later this year to further expand the brand’s portfolio. Despite the pandemic, sales for the KC-based restaurant chain reached an all-time high in 2021. 

“The pandemic helped foster a change to the way SPIN! engaged with guests,” says Ed Brownell, CEO of SPIN! Pizza. “We made our business more accessible and convenient for our guests.” 

SPIN! accomplished this with tools like a new mobile app, loyalty program, and online ordering. SPIN! also improved the quality of their carryout product by installing hot hold stations, so pizzas are held at the proper temperature until guests  pick them up. 

The SPIN! team began the expansion process in 2021, and with the help of an outside research firm, the group identified Dallas as a market to continue to expand their footprint. 

“There are a lot of parallels between the suburbs of Kansas City and Dallas,” says Brownell. “Kansas City has been  extremely supportive of us for the last 18 years, and we are excited to expand SPIN!’s award-winning food, exceptional quality, and service to new areas of Dallas.” 

SPIN! has one existing store in Richardson, TX and hopes to have up to two new Dallas locations by Q4 of 2022. 

As SPIN! continues to roll out new functionality to better serve guests, existing stores continue to be updated with  technology and revamped furnishings, so all locations offer a consistent guest experience. However, the original SPIN! store at The Fountains Shopping Center (119th and Metcalf) is too small to accommodate the new design and will close  this week. With the lease being up, the last date of service at the original restaurant will be Saturday March 26, 2022.  

SPIN! has a larger, newer store at 135th and Metcalf – just 2 miles south of the closing location. This will make it easy for guests to continue to enjoy SPIN!’s award-winning food.  

After the closing of the 119th and Metcalf location, SPIN! will have eight locations remaining in the KC metro. 

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