With the future unknown, restaurants are trying to adapt accordingly to a new landscape that is changing by the minute. Right now, health is and should be everyone’s top priority. In a world not so long ago, eating healthy meant the food being served on your plate, where it came from, how it was prepared. Times certainly have changed.

At Spartina, Chef Stephen Kalt’s 5-year-old restaurant on Melrose, they are looking to lead the charge on healthy – and safe – dining by implementing an intelligent multi-functional nano coating technology by Macoma called FN Coating. Spartina will become the first full-service restaurant in the country to implement these methods.

What exactly is FN Coating? In the simplest of terms, it is a coating technology designed for maximum effectiveness in converting harmful pollutants and microbes into clean, safe air. This is done by exploiting the natural catalyst properties of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) nanocrystals with sunlight. FN technology uses a special binder accessible to air keeping the TiO2 crystals on the surface of the coating so to maximize their efficiency.

Spartina has taken the first steps into the future of dining and is without a doubt, the safest place to dine in Los Angeles. Now equipped with FN Coating throughout the restaurant, Spartina is ready to open their doors to the public but of course with all safety measures in place such as temperature checks, constant cleaning, appropriately distanced tables and so forth.

“We are truly excited to be working with Macoma and feel this is something that will not only change the shape of dining for the better but everyday life,” says Chef/Owner, Stephen Kalt

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