SparkPlug, a leading employee incentive management platform for frontline workers, announced a collaboration and integration with Square, the globally trusted software, payments and hardware company. Through the integration, SparkPlug’s incentive management software will be available to millions of brands, retailers, and restaurants through Square’s App Marketplace.

SparkPlug easily integrates into Square sellers’ existing POS systems, pulling the store’s employee roster and product catalog to automatically begin tracking sales in a confidential, centralized dashboard.

Retail and restaurant management teams, as well as brands, can create an incentive, announce it to employees, track sales, and report to employees their standings and earnings in a few clicks. At the end of the campaign, SparkPlug automatically pays out prizes and earnings, streamlining the incentive management process for operators and allowing them to track results and measure ROI in one place. Employees will be able to enroll in SparkPlug via text message, allowing them to opt into the incentive program without having to create a profile or download an app.

“For businesses to remain competitive in today’s ongoing labor crunch, it’s more important than ever that businesses have innovative programs in place to attract, support, and retain top performers,” says Jake Levin, Co-Founder and COO of SparkPlug. “We’re thrilled to be working with Square to give businesses the tools they need to motivate, engage, and reward their workforce, helping them navigate the current labor crisis and retain talent for the long run.”

The collaboration comes as the retail and restaurant industries have been hit particularly hard during the Great Resignation, with quit rates for the industries reaching an all time high this year. As the labor crisis continues to plague operators, many are turning to new tools and processes to entice workers to stay. With SparkPlug, businesses will be able to implement a performance-based compensation model in just a few clicks, while automatically tracking progress and ROI, eliminating the need for manual reporting.

In the fall of 2021, SparkPlug announced a $2.5M seed funding round led by TenOneTen Ventures, Jason Calacanis, and Argonautic Ventures; co-founders from Shift, Applied Semantics, Social Native, and Factual; and executives at Foursquare, DoorDash, Xerox PARC, and Facebook.

SparkPlug is currently available for all Square sellers in the App Marketplace

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