Spaghetti Warehouse Restaurants Inc. unveiled a campaign aimed at serving one million orders of its Incredible 15-Layer Lasagne to guests in 2014.

Tthe "one million lasagne challenge" coincides with the introduction of its $9.99 Warehouse Fresh Select Entrees and the launch of Spaghetti Warehouse's all-new and completely redesigned website and mobile site.

Now available at all Spaghetti Warehouse locations, the Warehouse Fresh Select Entrees is a special, limited-time $9.99 dish that offers five delicious entrees as part of a complete meal that includes a choice of a fresh garden salad or savory soup and the brand's famous sourdough bread.

"We're inviting everyone to come to Spaghetti Warehouse and experience what it's like to enjoy a great tasting lasagne that's unmatched for freshness and is the result of what happens when you dedicate three days to making it from scratch," says Pete Van Gurp, vice president of operations, Spaghetti Warehouse Restaurants Inc.

According to Van Gurp, the "one million lasagne challenge" highlights Spaghetti Warehouse's most popular entree, according to its guests. 

"Every one of the main ingredients we use in our lasagne is made from scratch, including the tomato sauce and Italian pork sausage," Van Gurp says. "Even the cheeses we use, Romano, Ricotta, and Mozzarella, are grated by hand. We prepare our lasagne carefully, so that it's always served hot and fresh, especially after we add a topping of even more of our house-made meat sauce."

The "one million lasagne challenge" and all of the details about the Warehouse Select Entrees are on the new website, including a counter that tracks the number of lasagne orders Spaghetti Warehouse has served as it draws closer to its goal.

"Just like the food we serve everyday at Spaghetti Warehouse, we've developed an all-new website and mobile site featuring a design and content that's fresh and we believe will appeal to our guests and provide them with all of the information they need," says Van Gurp, adding that the new site also includes information on catering and booking events at Spaghetti Warehouse for up to 300 people.

Van Gurp said one million servings of its lasagne add up to "lots and lots of pasta," considering each pan of lasagne includes 24 servings and weighs 22 pounds, while each slice is just shy of a full pound at 14.66 ounces.

The Warehouse Fresh Select Entrees are available now at all 15 Spaghetti Warehouse locations in Texas, Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma, New York, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. 

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