COVID-19 brought forth a wave of virus restrictions and lockdowns on a global platform. People were forced to stay indoors for multiple months, wherein homemade food was the only resort available. Post covid restrictions, people breathed a breath of fresh air, and the urge to dine out was augmented, unlike before.

Post COVID, notably, on average, an American household spends $3,008 every year on dining out, and 72 percent of diners prioritize the quality of food before any other factor. 64% of the diners prefer physically dining out in contrast to ordering food at home. And when we solely talk about restaurants in San Francisco particularly, the city is home to 4,045 restaurants.

Residing among the above large number is a charismatic restaurant, The Socialite, that proudly calls itself a craft house and kitchen. It serves delectable, fresh, and crafted food to the customers with gusto. The Socialite team believes that there is no love more sincere than the love of good food. Working towards its motto since November 2021, this platform is not limited to any particular demographic. There are baby boomers who prefer to dine at local places only along with the younger generation, from 25-35 years of age. These demographics prefer spending time with friends, family, and colleagues. The restaurant is also visited by a large number of families with children who like to connect and relax while enjoying brunch.

The Socialite bar is famous around the city and attracts everyone eligible for drinking.

The Socialite wanted to curate a delightful spot in a neighborhood where family and friends could dine, relax and unwind. Built on the Pacific shores, it offers a picturesque spot for a refreshing drink, quick bite, or relaxed meal. This lovely place has it all! The pleasing ambiance and warm hospitality are add-ons for visiting at any time of the day.

It was interesting to note that the city of San Francisco inspired The Socialite through its diversity of cultures and cuisines. The team was driven to become an integral part of the rich cultural legacy of the city.

Above anything else, The Socialite is unique and implements the pillars of a good restaurant that are not compromised. Along with believing in the power of elite quality ingredients, evolving and growing with food trends while ensuring the classic flavors, consistency, and gracious hospitality are never negotiated. The produce and ingredients are sourced locally, are organic, and are handpicked by the chef every week. A wide range of handcrafted cocktails is brewed to perfection in the bar.

The founders of The Socialite, Vikas Dhanker and Anuradha Singh, are the two incredible minds behind this platform. Dhanker is a renowned professional with more than twenty years of experience in the Restaurant and Auditing industries. He also owned multiple entities of various brands like Baja Fresh, Subway, and Patxi’s at several locations. His wealth of experience ranges from business management, strategic planning, QA, and HR to Daily Operations, Accounting, Inventory Management and Compliance, and Payroll.

Singh is a qualified professional and has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, sales, and consulting in the IT and restaurant industries. Her work profile is spread over several spectra, such as talent acquisition, accounting, planning and analysis, revenue growth, HR, social media marketing, and many more.

The Socialite team states, “It’s the people and the businesses that define the culture and breathe life into the best cities around the world.”

The Socialite is creating a disruption in the culinary industry. This charming spot is a breath of fresh air for families, friends, and colleagues and allows leaving the day’s worries behind.

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