Your 3rd Spot, a unique, technology-driven dining and gaming concept, opens its flagship first location in The Works development in Atlanta’s Upper Westside on Wednesday, Nov. 2. The forward-thinking concept, from parent company AMP Up1 Hospitality, blends the elements of a restaurant, bar, beer garden and social club in an inviting 26,000 square-foot space located in a revitalized historic industrial building.                     

Doors open at 5:33 p.m. on Nov. 2 for a grand opening celebration where guests can say “hello” to their new home away from home with complimentary food and games, DJ tunes, swag and a steady flow of giveaways. Guests must RSVP online to be eligible for giveaways, and the first 100 to arrive will receive a VIP gift.

Named after the concept of a “third place” after home and work, Your 3rd Spot is a place “to eat, drink and play, to gather with friends and make new ones and have that home away from home experience. “Our mission is all about making connections and building community,” says co-founder and chief innovation officer Doug Warner.

“We’ve found that people just don’t know how to meet each other and often are forced to go on dating apps when they really just want to meet people for friendship or networking,” says founder and chief vision officer Josh Rossmeisl. “Your 3rd Spot is basically a brick-and-mortar friend meetup spot that helps introduce guests to other people and connect over food, conversation and games.”

One of the ways guests make those connections is by way of the Match and Connect feature on the Your 3rd Spot app, which shows users other guests in the building they may get along with based on their game preferences and personality. In addition, the space features a retro-modern arcade stocked with classic and modern video games, an indoor cornhole arena featuring 10 cornhole boards and a 4,000-square-foot patio for more outdoor-oriented activities accessed by large garage-style doors.

More than ever, office workers need to connect with their colleagues, and Your 3rd Spot has the capacity to host nearly 1,000 guests, making it an ideal location for holiday parties and corporate events.

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