Snowy River Cocktail Co, the award-winning craft cocktail bars that have been delighting Washington-area diners, is now franchising across the United States. The popular bars, located in Seattle and the brand hometown of Bellingham, serve unique cocktails made with premium spirits and Snowy River’s eye-catching all-natural cocktail decorating products like cocktail glitter, rim salts, rim sugars, toppers and beverage color. The relaxed bars also serve as charming, modern restaurants with ambient chandelier lighting, serving over 100 cocktail recipes and traditional American bar food favorites like burgers, fries, sandwiches and mac and cheese.

“Even with outdoor seating, takeout and delivery, today’s bars and restaurants need ways to grab diners’ attention and create additional sources of income. Snowy River Cocktail Co’s point of differentiation is that we offer beautifully designed Instagram-ready cocktails that customers likely haven’t seen before,” says Stuart Cutler, founder of Snowy River Cocktail Co. “Bar franchisees are also welcome to retail and wholesale Snowy River Cocktails decorating products and our mobile catering services outside of the bar itself.  We have a large collection of cocktail recipes, with our mixologists creating more every month and we’re happy to provide support and training to franchisees. We also provide marketing support, including online advertising, a dedicated location website and Facebook page.”

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