Smart Flour Foods is an innovative company behind a proprietary gluten-free flour blend made with sorghum, amaranth, and teff. This blend creates products that are certified gluten free but have mass market taste appeal.

Providing premium, par-baked gluten-free crusts to foodservice customers since 2005, Smart Flour Foods has witnessed the restaurant industry change over the years and seen how much of an impact taste and quality can have on gluten-free customer sales. 

For example, Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers, a pizzeria with over 150 U.S. locations, carried a gluten-free pizza crust and then replaced it with Smart Flour Foods’ crust in 2013. Within five months of making the switch, the company’s sales had risen significantly. 

Smart Flour Foods’ hamburger buns and pancake & waffle mix are also becoming staple products for the foodservice industry. It is hearing from restaurants that want to replace all of the hamburger buns on their menu with Smart Flour’s ancient-grain and gluten-free alternatives. 

In addition to providing the delicious texture and tasty flavor of whole wheat, the ancient grains give the foods an enhanced nutritional profile that consumers appreciate.

Smart Flour will be at booth 3679 at the NRA Show this weekend.

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