Sixty Vines is celebrating National Bubbly Day on June 3 by introducing an exciting collaboration with Olé & Obrigado, Sesenta Cava.

Sustainability is central to Sixty Vines’ brand ethos, and while most varietals can be enjoyed by tap, sparkling wine and champagne are a challenge. The brand identified a unique approach to deliver a carbon-neutral “bubbles” experience with the launch of its new Sesenta Cava. With its delightful effervescence and carbon-neutral certification, Sesenta “Sixty” Cava provides a delicious and eco-friendly way to enjoy bubbles while staying true to the brand’s eco-conscious values.

“I’m incredibly proud to partner with Olé & Obrigado to introduce an exclusively labeled Sixty Vines Cava that allows us to maintain our commitment to sustainability,” says Jeff Carcara, CEO of Sixty Vines.  

Sesenta Cava is designed with minimal packaging to reduce waste, and the new Cava proudly carries the certification of being carbon neutral, verified by CarbonHero.  Sixty Vines will achieve carbon neutrality through Olé & Obrigado’s commitment to offsetting emissions through three remarkable projects benefitting the brand’s markets: Regenerative Grazing in Texas, Forest Management in Tennessee, and Landfill Gas Capture in Florida.

To commemorate the launch of Sesenta Cava, all Sixty Vines locations will celebrate with an over-the-top Bubbly Bruch on Saturday, June 24, and Sunday, June 25, from open to 3 p.m.  Guests can look forward to bubble-centric cocktails, mimosa bar, Sesenta tastings, and bubble art.

As an innovative restaurant brand with a strong commitment to sustainability, each Sixty Vines location boasts a cutting-edge 60-tap wine system that revolutionizes wine service and provides guests with the closest “from the barrel” tasting experience. By serving wine from kegs, the foundation of our tap program, we drastically reduce packaging and waste, as a single keg holds the equivalent of 26 wine bottles. This approach eliminates the excessive use of glass bottles, labels, corks, foil, and shipping supplies associated with traditional wine bottles. At Sixty Vines, we are dedicated to saving the planet, one sip at a time!

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