Sipp Sparkling Organics was been named a recipient of the 2017 Food and Beverage Innovation Awards (FABI) by the National Restaurant Association.    Each year, they honor the most delicious, unique and exciting food and beverage brands. 

“We’re simply thrilled to receive this special award again. In 2015 Sipp was recognized for our innovation; our flavors, branding and the design of our distinctive bottles. This year we’ve received the award for innovation again, but this time with a nod to the design of our cans. Sipp cans are perfect for picnics and packing in your beach bag,” says Sipp Founder and President Beth Wilson-Parentice.

Sipp was first handcrafted in Beth’s kitchen, mixing organic ingredients to create unique layers of blended fruits and herbs into a refreshing, sparkling, organic beverage that you can drink alone or as part of your favorite cocktail. The best part? No mixologist required! Beth has done all of the work for you. Current flavors include Ginger Blossom: spicy ginger, smooth vanilla & a hint of lime; Summer Pear: delicate pear, green tea & a touch of honey; Mojo Berry: tangy blackberry, fresh mint & a hint of lime; Lemon Flower: zesty lemon, gentle elderflower & sweetly aromatic tarragon; Zesty Orange: blood orange, a hint of lime & jalapeño. Sipp is available at specialty stores nationwide including Whole Foods and Target, as well as on

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