Hand breaded menu items are a customer favorite, with 70 percent of consumers saying they would be more likely to purchase a menu item described as “hand-breaded” over one that was not. Golden Dipt Pre Dip from Kerry Foodservice makes it simple for operators to maximize the consistency and crunch customers crave at minimal cost.

Golden Dipt Pre Dip offers better visual appearance and coating adherence than traditional breading methods, complete with customizable thickness for hard-to-coat foods. Pre Dip doesn’t require any handling of raw eggs or refrigerator storage and offers a cost savings up to 50 percent on each case of pre dip versus traditional egg and milk wash.

Available in multiple varieties ranging from Original to trend-driven Tropical Rum Coconut, Golden Dipt Pre Dip enables operators to layer in flavor and complement coatings from the core of every dish.

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