ShopKeep, the cloud-based technology solution that transforms an iPad into a smart, connected cash register that is used by more than 23,000 small businesses, announced that it has acquired the online ordering software, ChowBOT, from Meerchant. The acquisition serves to enable online ordering, payment and delivery options for ShopKeep’s 8,500 and growing quick-serve and full service restaurant and bars (FSRB).

Through the acquisition, ChowBOT’s features will be directly integrated into ShopKeep’s POS system, providing quick serve and FSRB merchants the ability to sync their POS menu to their individual online order site, where customers can make their order selections, complete payment and select between onsite pick-up, curbside pickup, or delivery to receive their purchase. The software will seamlessly connect to ShopKeep’s cloud based platform, ensuring online order details are automatically submitted to the restaurant and further enabling merchants to use third-party on-demand delivery service providers, such as UberRUSH or Postmates, to manage the delivery process.

“It can be especially challenging for restaurants in the SMB category to offer their customers online order and delivery options—they are often stuck choosing between paying steep costs for the capability, relinquishing control of the customer experience or not having an online presence at all,” says Michael DeSimone, chief executive officer, ShopKeep. “The integration of ChowBOT to our platform allows them to easily offer these features, cutting down the barriers to entry by helping them effectively and successfully bridge their online presence with the physical experience they provide customers.”

ShopKeep’s acquisition of ChowBOT comes at a time when a strong digital customer experience that meets the needs of an ever-growing on-demand economy is a competitive necessity for independent businesses. The acquisition serves as ShopKeep’s latest investment within a broader effort to bring cost-friendly online and e-commerce tools to SMBs across the country—in line with the company’s mission to level the technological playing field between the independent businesses it serves and the bigger industry players they compete against. ChowBOT software will be made available to ShopKeep customers in 2018.

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