ShiftPixy, Inc., a Florida-based national staffing enterprise that designs, manages, and sells access to a disruptive, revolutionary platform, today announced the launch of MIAMI WORKS, a staffing and recruiting campaign designed to help the restaurant and hospitality industry navigate the staffing shortage induced by the pandemic. In collaboration with local universities and community development groups, ShiftPixy will host the first in a series of recruiting events this Saturday, June 26, 2021, to help shift workers easily find job opportunities that offer living wages, a sign-up bonus, and flexible schedules, as well as healthcare, workers’ compensation and 401K benefits.

Following the global pandemic, South Florida is facing a severe staffing shortage, a major challenge for the city that thrives on hospitality and tourism business. MIAMI WORKS will help businesses more easily connect with and onboard willing and eligible workers to get their operations back on track, and effectively meet customer demand. Following the inaugural event, ShiftPixy will commence a 60-day marketing effort to connect the registered workforce to open positions in the Miami area across restaurants and other hospitality operators.

On top of the labor shortage impacting the restaurant and hospitality industry, third-party delivery services are facing a threat from some authorities of being forced to reclassify drivers from independent contractors to employees, putting their business model and the restaurants they serve at risk. ShiftPixy can provide a stable platform that offers fair wages and benefits for these delivery workers, and allow restaurants to reduce their reliance on third-party services by ramping up their own recruiting and staffing efforts in order to meet pent up demand as COVID-19 restrictions ease up.

“The pandemic deeply wounded Miami’s lush and vibrant hospitality industry, so we were inspired to develop an actionable campaign with the best cohort of local groups to help restore that vitality – and fast,” says ShiftPixy CEO and Founder, Scott Absher. “MIAMI Works is designed to benefit both hospitality operators as well as the workforce at a time both are desperately in need of a means to recover and grow.”

Local restaurant and hospitality operators in the communities ShiftPixy serves will be represented at the job fair, where they will be directly connected with the on-demand workforce, with the ability to complete onboarding quickly and efficiently in a paperless fashion. Leading up to and following the event, ShiftPixy will continue connecting qualified workers with businesses through “scan to apply” QR codes on posters and other advertising located across Miami.

“We’re excited to be working with ShiftPixy and our local colleges and universities to address the latest labor challenges in the wake of COVID-19, and show our continued support of the local restaurant and hospitality industries,” says City of Miami Commissioner and Chairman of the Miami DDA Manolo Reyes. “Through the upcoming job fair, and other efforts to connect workers with businesses in these sectors, we’re helping our businesses solve their current staffing issues by promoting the economic, social and cultural health of downtown Miami, and leading the city through its post-pandemic recovery.”

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with ShiftPixy and Miami DDA to create a new avenue for shift workers to effectively identify opportunities at such an important time for the hospitality industry,” says Beatriz Gonzalez of Miami Dade College. “MIAMI Works and ShiftPixy are aligned with our mission to support the Miami community, and we encourage participation in ShiftPixy’s upcoming job fair at MDC’s Wolfson Campus.”

In addition to collaborating with Miami DDA, MIAMI WORKS is the embodiment of the local efforts ShiftPixy has made alongside FIU Chaplin School of Hospitality, the company’s Ghost Kitchen Incubator program, FIU Embrace, and others to invigorate the Miami hospitality industry by starting with the most important component – the workforce.

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