Sheetz, one of America's fastest-growing family-owned and operated convenience retailers, today announced a goal of committing to the sale of only cage-free eggs in its stores by 2025. The shift is a component of its efforts toward offering a wide variety of great-tasting, quality food and specialty beverages, while also taking a proactive approach to issues of food safety and animal welfare.

In a statement regarding the decision, Sheetz AVP of Brand Strategy Ryan Sheetz says:

"Our customers drive everything we do and we understand they expect high standards for the products we sell. That is why we have been working with our egg suppliers and the leaders of our industry to better understand the conversion of our egg products to completely cage-free operations.  As we work toward this goal, we understand the need to balance a number of issues that include not only maintaining animal health and safety standards, but also concerns such as meeting customer demand, industry supply, ensuring economic sustainability and the ability for farms to stay in business while making the changes necessary to address this plan.

"We value and appreciate the trust our customers place in us to do the right thing.  We will continue to provide them with a wide range of options, along with quality products, while we move forward with this initiative and work toward being 100 percent cage-free by 2025."

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