SessionM, the leading customer engagement platform, announced its Total Offer Management solution, which provides quick service and fast casual restaurants everything they need to drive targeted, profitable promotions quickly and easily. Built on over six years of experience developing engagement platforms for some of the world’s most successful enterprise brands, Total Offer Management is helping restaurants leverage the growing omnichannel market with the ability to create, target, deploy and analyze campaigns at the moment of impact.

A successful engagement strategy starts with a loyalty program that customers find truly valuable. Studies have shown that 96 percent of millennials are currently using restaurant loyalty programs. However, many will only be active across a handful of loyalty apps. Yet when they are active, loyalty members have been shown to spend three times as much as non-members.

Already being used by restaurants with some of the most loyal customer bases, Total Offer Management provides a turnkey solution for building fully-customizable apps for restaurants that don’t have one. It also integrates with point of sale (POS) systems for closed-loop offers, and provides a real-time analytics dashboard offering deep and immediate insights into customer interactions.

Using Total Offer Management, restaurants receive:

Customer profiles updated in real time. Customer data collected from various sources is combined into one profile, which can be segmented in as many ways as needed, based on attributes.

Triggered campaigns based on actions. Restaurants can create targeted outreach based on customer preferences, actions and location through their app or email. Outreach can be as targeted as one location, one market or any other parameter based on action.

Personalized customer rewards. Unique rewards are delivered to customers based on their purchase history and behavior. Rather than blanketing the market with discounts to items customers would already purchase, restaurants can surprise and delight customers with unpublished rewards they weren’t expecting.

Closed-loop offers at point of sale. Restaurants can create single use coupon codes that can be can be sent out to customers and redeemed at POS. Restaurants gain real-time visibility into discounts and product movement as they occur, along with insight into other products purchased with offer to help inform future offers.

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