Creative Cuisine, LLC, a subsidiary of U.K.-based Grant Instruments, Ltd., announced that it will launch a complete line of sous vide products in May 2016, including immersion circulators, water baths, controllers and accessories to meet the needs of any size kitchen, home cook or professional chef.

The differentiator from other sous vide providers on the market is that Creative Cuisine offers the broadest range of models complemented by the company’s rich history in the sous vide space. Grant has more than 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing sophisticated fluid temperature control systems, with a well-known reputation for the highest levels of quality, reliability, service and support. Domestic and professional kitchens can expect the same innovation, quality and service that scientists receive from the Grant product line.

The new line consists of sous vide products for the home, small restaurants, food service operations with limited space and professional kitchens. Due to their performance, durability and flexibility, Creative Cuisine products are the preferred choice of all chefs, from the at home enthusiast to the accomplished expert. The range of British-made home and small commercial kitchen products include:

Uno: As a unique and cost-effective sous vide controller, the Uno instantly transforms an existing analog rice or slow cooker into an easy to use, accurate sous vide water bath. No counter top space is required as the Uno plugs into an electrical outlet and the corded temperature probe goes directly into the cooking vessel. The Uno is available in red, black and lime green, and retails for $129 MSRP. 

Primo 5 and Primo 10: Designed specifically for the home or small commercial kitchen, the Primo range is the most accurate, ergonomic, high quality and contemporary sous vide water bath available. Offering models of 5 or 10 liters, the all-in-one appliance has a footprint of approximately 13''L x 8''W x 8''H for the 5 liter and 13”L x 10”W x 8”H for the 10 liter. The Primo is available in red, black, cream and white and retails for $279 for the 5 liter and $349 MSRP for the 10 liter.

Commercial sous vide products include:

Pasto 5, 12, 26: This sous vide water bath available in 5, 12 and 26 liters has been relied upon by leading chefs around the world for more than a decade. Key features include a maintained water temperature to within .36 degrees Fahrenheit, high-grade stainless steel case and inner tank, countdown timer up to 999 minutes with an audible alarm, temperature range up to 203 degrees Fahrenheit and rapid heat up. The Pasto measures approximately 8.5''L x 13''W x 8''H for the 5 liter, 15''L x 14''W x 9''H for the 12 liter and 23''L x 13''W x 11''H for the 26 liter. The line is available in stainless steel, black, white and red and retails for $499 MSRP for the 5 liter, $699 MSRP for the 12 liter and $999 MSRP for the 26 liter.

Vortice: This immersion circulator is the easiest to use and most reliable professional option available. Key features include maintained water temperature to within .09 degrees Fahrenheit, a compact, robust design, ability to fit onto any cooking vessel up to 50 liters, temperature range up to 203 degrees, countdown timer, minimum immersion depth sensor of 90 mm and ability to program up to three commonly used temperatures. The Vortice is available in red, black and grey and retails for $949 MSRP.

All products in the Creative Cuisine range are manufactured using premium quality materials from Grant’s worldwide headquarters in Cambridge, UK.

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