SEOULSPICE, a healthy Korean comfort food concept with locations in NOMA, Tenleytown and College Park, Maryland, is pleased to announce a new At-Home Korean BBQ Experience, which provides patrons with the quality ingredients and prepared sides, along with a Korean butane gas grill for preparing a traditional barbeque meal. Designed to feed four people, and priced at $100 (excluding tax), one can order the feast by emailing  Pickup is available at all three locations until January 31, 2021.

The At-Home Korean BBQ Experience includes two pounds of prime marbled beef brisket, CHA-DOL-BAE-GI, freshly sliced for one’s grilling pleasure. Additional brisket is available for purchase at $10 per pound. The meal also includes sushi-grade white rice, and vegetable sides known as BANCHAN. One will enjoy SEOULSPICE’s signature kimchi of Korean cabbage in chilis, ginger and garlic which is vegan friendly, and a family recipe passed down four generations. Julienned Korean radish, lightly pickled, nutrient-packed kale, shredded and tossed in the restaurant’s sesame marinade are also included, along with fresh bean sprouts to provide a clean, crisp crunch. One will also find fresh garlic cloves, to roast on the grill, which will add a burst of flavor to the meal.

The feast also showcases an array of sauces: Korean Hot Sauce, which is spicy and earthy with traditional Gochujang paste and sweet umami of miso; Creamy Sriracha, chili-garlic aioli made from the restaurant’s favorite chili sauce; Ginger Carrot, crisp and vibrant, beaming with fresh ginger and carrots, as well as Sesame Oil, cold-pressed roasted sesame oil and salt, which is the traditional dipping sauce for Korean BBQ.

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