Scott Wise’s role at his new job may sound a little familiar; open more Scotty’s Brewhouse locations throughout the country. Wise, who sold Scotty’s Brewhouse as well as Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company in 2016, will be joining Luke Family of Brands as Vice President of Restaurant Operations. As part of his new responsibilities Wise will assist in opening a minimum of 10 Scotty’s Brewhouse locations in major Midwest college town markets.

“As we continue to diversify our restaurant and brands portfolio, we are beyond excited to have Scott Wise lead and manage our continued growth,” says Tom Collins, president of Luke Oil.

Wise, a native of Yorktown, Indiana founded Scotty’s Brewhouse in 1996. The original Scotty’s Brewhouse is located in the village at Ball State University. Over the next 20 years the concept grew to include 15 Scotty’s Brewhouse locations in Indiana, Florida, Illinois and Ohio as well as two Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company locations. In late 2016 Wise sold the company to Due North Holdings.

“Even though I sold the company, I believe so much in the brand and the leadership team that is running Scotty’s Brewhouse, I wanted to continue to be involved in some capacity.” says Wise. “I’m extremely excited about my future opportunities to manage multiple diverse restaurant franchises and still be involved with the Scotty’s brand and growth into new locations throughout the Midwest. This was a win-win-win partnership for everyone involved.”

Due North and Scotty’s Brewhouse recently announced plans to open a new Scotty’s Brewhouse location in Waco, Texas and multiple locations in Missouri, starting with the city of Poplar Bluff. In addition to company owned locations, Scotty’s Brewhouse also offers management agreements for companies like the Luke Family of Brands.

Chris Martin, Brand President of Scotty’s Brewhouse and Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company, assumed primary responsibility for the Indiana based leadership team and the development of both brands nationwide in February of 2017. Martin, also an Indiana native from Bloomington, has over 35 years of experience in the Casual Dining Restaurant segment. Martin joined Scotty’s Brewhouse in January of 2016.

“Management agreements like the one with Luke Family of Brands allow organizations to own restaurants with our team assuming full responsibility for the management of the business,” says Martin. “This leverages our extensive experience in the restaurant industry and with running Scotty’s to make these great business relationships.”

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